4 Best Tips for SMS Marketing (2023)

SMS Marketing

The vast majority of Americans own a cellphone (97%), highlighting just how essential this technology has become to our lives. Around 85% of people own a smartphone, while more than 1 in 10 people say they own a cellphone than is not a smartphone.

For small businesses, these statistics show the enormous potential of SMS marketing. SMS marketing stands for short message service marketing and is a form of marketing whereby promotions and news are sent to customers via text messages. It is an effective and efficient way to reach customers directly using a technology that is central to our lives.

In this blog post, we will highlight 4 of the best SMS marketing tips for 2023. These include understanding your target audience, writing clear messages, using call-to-action buttons, and paying close attention to timing. Let’s get started with these SMS marketing tips.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

This is the starting point for every form of marketing. That way, you can effectively target the right people, streamlining your marketing efforts and maximizing its impact. 

If your business has an older target demographic living in a particular area, for example, then it won’t be worthwhile sending messages to a younger audience in a completely different area. By understanding your audience, you can also tailor your marketing style to appeal to them.

2. Write Clear and Concise Messages

Part of the beauty of SMS marketing is that it has to be concise, given that there is a limited number of characters allowed. It’s a bit like Twitter and other social media platforms in that sense.

Ensure that your messages are written in a way that is easy to digest, engaging, and empowers the reader to take an action (more on that below).

3. Use Clear Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action is a marketing design that encourages an immediate response. For example, in the case of SMS marketing, it may be a button that reads “Click here”, “Buy now”, “Text to win”, or “Learn more”.

A good call-to-action button should be obvious and immediately follow the marketing message.

4. Pay Attention to Timing

Imagine you are prompting an in-store promotion or a sale that takes place on a Friday afternoon. The best time to send an SMS message about this event is on Friday morning. Given that SMS marketing is all about immediacy, it doesn’t make sense to send this message on the previous Monday.

It’s also important to avoid sending SMS messages outside of acceptable hours. Avoid sending messages before 8 am in the morning and after 9 am at night. Otherwise, your marketing efforts may only annoy people and alienate them.

The Best Tips for SMS Marketing in 2023

SMS marketing remains an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes in 2023. The above tips will help your business to make the most of your SMS marketing efforts.

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