Announcing Social Planner’s New Feature: Amplify Your Stellar Reviews on Social Media

Share Your Stellar Reviews on Social Planner Now

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that enables you to share your 5-star ⭐ reviews using our Social Planner.

Reviews are crucial for businesses for several compelling reasons:

  • Building Credibility and Trust: Positive reviews serve as social proof that you deliver excellent services and products. These reviews build trust and confidence from potential customers.

  • Managing Your Reputation: Reviews offer a platform for your customers to share their experiences. Actively managing these reviews allows you to address any feedback, demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, and lengthen your online visibility for improved SEO.

  • Standing out in a Competitive Market: In industries packed with similar services, positive reviews can be your chance to shine. They showcase your strengths and unique selling points, differentiating your brand from the rest.

But why stop there? Sharing your spectacular reviews on social media can offer several significant benefits:

  • Expands Reach & Visibility: Sharing glowing reviews on social media can extend your reach far and wide across large user bases, presenting potential leads.

  • Boosts Engagement & Interaction: Reviews attract engagement, prompting discussions, likes, and shares – a great way to boost your online presence and connect with potential customers.

  • Showcases Customer Success Stories: Imagine your raving reviews transforming into captivating success stories. Sharing these tales on social media accounts amplifies your brand's success and impact your products or services have on your customers.

  • Humanizes Your Brand: Every review brings a real person and experience into the limelight. It's this personal touch that makes your brand relatable, trustworthy, and leaves a lasting impression.

Now, you're not just selling a product or service. You're setting out the rich tapestry of experiences that make your brand truly stand out. Prepare to captivate your audiences, expand your reach, and turn potential customers into loyal advocates!

Here's how you can create Review Automation in our Social Planner:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Social Planner
  2. Click on 'create new post' to select the 'Review Post' option from the dropdown.
  3. A model popup will offer you options to:
    • Select the reviews platform (Google and Facebook)
    • Choose the rating of reviews to be posted (from 5 stars to 1 star)
    • Choose the social platforms where you'd like to post
    • Set the timing for the post (daily, weekly, or monthly)
    • Specify the number of posts (from 1-5 posts per day, week, or month)

We are confident that this feature will transform your social media engagement. Be primed to see a significant conversion of potential customers into loyal advocates with this feature integrated into your marketing strategy.

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