Announcing WhatsApp Bulk Action and Enhancements

Announcing: WhatsApp Bulk Action and Enhancements!

We’re excited to showcase our new feature: WhatsApp Bulk Action. This powerful tool effortless launches sizable WhatsApp campaigns, and tracks valuable metrics such as open rates and delivery rates.

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Widen Your Reach

Now you can communicate with all your WhatsApp contacts at once for larger, easier audience reach.

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Detailed Campaign Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into your WhatsApp campaigns with open rates, delivery rates, and engagement metrics available at your fingertips.

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Sophisticated Messaging

Tailored messaging is the key to a successful campaign. Use our ‘Smart Lists’ within your CRM to engineer your audience based on behavioral indicators, demographics, or lead status.

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Using WhatsApp Bulk Action:

  1. Go to Labs and enable ** Bulk WhatsApp**.
  2. Select your desired contacts, or alternately, select all contacts from a smart list.
  3. Press the WhatsApp Icon.
  4. Choose your preferred WhatsApp template.
  5. Add an action name to reference later.
  6. Review your Bulk Action progress and statistics.

Always remember: Opt-Ins matter! Be sure to have all the appropriate permissions from your contacts to message them on WhatsApp. This ensures both ethical commitment and necessary legal requirements are met.

Craft your messages carefully and always focus on personalized communication that provides value to the receiver. This prevents your messages from coming across as spam.

Be mindful of the message limit imposed by Meta on your WhatsApp number when using Bulk WhatsApp action. Ensure that the contacts selected are within the authorized 24-hour limit.

Improved Features

We’ve added a few enhancements to maximize your WhatsApp communication experience. Our new features include the availability of Contact Custom Variables, Opportunity, and Opportunity Custom Variables, an increase in the amount of WhatsApp templates per page (now up to 10), and we’ve carefully repositioned the WhatsApp Disconnect Button to avoid accidental clicks amongst other improvements.




Dashboard view of WhatsApp business management interface.

Bug Fixes

We’re also glad to announce a set of essential bug fixes for an improved user experience. We’ve realigned the Phone number and Template Message under WhatsApp settings, and resolved the issue of faulty trigger when filtered for “Replied to Workflow”.

Keep posted on our product update page for the latest feature releases and enhancements.

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