Automating Subscriptions and Refunds: New Triggers Released

Exciting New Product Update: Subscription and Refund Triggers Now Available in Automations

In our ongoing efforts to help businesses automate and streamline their processes more efficiently, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest product update: the addition of Subscription and Refund triggers in automations! This enhancement respects your need as a business owner to stay on top of changes in customer subscription statuses and refunds processed.

Subscription Trigger Takes Centre-Stage

Gaining more control over your subscription management process is now a reality. The Subscription Trigger allows for automation around the change in status of your customer’s subscriptions. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Automate processes when a subscription is created for a customer.
  • Automate procedures when a subscription transitions from trial to active status.
  • Take action when a subscription is cancelled.

Subscription Trigger

The capability doesn’t stop there. Businesses can leverage subscription status filters to create IF conditions based on change in status or the product associated with the subscription. Furthermore, Payments custom values can accommodate custom values based on your needs.

Subscription Status Filters

Introducing Our Refund Trigger

Unanticipated refunds are a part of doing business, but dealing with them should never be a hassle. Thus, we have introduced the Refund Trigger. This allows you to build automated workflows based on refunds processed either by you or your sales agents. Branch out conditions based on the following scenarios:

  • Whether the refund was successful or failed.
  • If the refund was for the full or a partial amount.
  • Or, based on the amount or source of the refund.

Refund Trigger

To accommodate different scenarios, refund custom values have been added inside the Payments section. This gives businesses the flexibility to send customized notifications.

Refund Custom Values

Remember, our goal at Leads-365 is to make processes as easy as possible. We continue to release improvements and product updates based on your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and remember to check our product updates page regularly.

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