Boost Your Community Engagement with New Enhanced Features

Engage More, Interact Better: Introducing Enhanced Features for Your Community Groups

You asked, and we listened! We're excited to introduce new features that will enrich interaction and communication within your community groups. Now, engage and converse more effectively with the ability to tag and automated email notifications.

Tagging to Enhance Interaction 🏷️

Our latest update allows group members to tag each other in posts and comments just by typing '@'. This amplifies resonance among community members, fostering greater engagement and promoting more meaningful discussions.

Putting it into action is quite simple:

  1. Group members start typing '@' followed by the username they wish to tag.
  2. The tagged member receives a notification, drawing their attention back into the conversation thus encouraging further group engagement.

Moreover, our auto-tagging feature adds even more convenience when replying to conversations. Whenever someone responds to a comment, the original comment author will be auto-tagged. This ensures they're kept in the loop and can seamlessly maintain the flow of the discussion.

Notifications That Keep You Posted 📧

As part of our goal to keep engagement thriving, our new automated email notifications keep members abreast of all ongoing conversations in the group. Now, no tag or comment will go unnoticed.

Members will receive email alerts whenever they are tagged in a post or comment. To ensure you waste no time in joining the conversations that matter, our notifications come with auto-login links – a couple of clicks and you're taken straight back into the thick of it.

As they say, 'Seeing is Believing'

To help you see these enhancements in action, we thought we'd share some sneak peek previews of how they’d appear in your interaction and interface.


We hope these new features enhance your user experience and make your community interactions more efficient and engaging. For more information and help, check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us.

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