Boost Your Online Store’s Efficiency with New Abandoned Cart Tracking Update

Boost Your Online Store’s Efficiency with Our New Update

Good news! We have rolled out a new feature update to help improve your online store management experience. Now you have the ability to keep an eye on abandoned cart orders directly from your Leads-365 dashboard.

Tracking Abandoned Cart Orders

To view and manage abandoned checkouts, simply navigate to Payments -> Orders -> Abandoned Checkouts on your account interface. You will find a detailed list of customer information along with the items they had added to their shopping carts.

abandoned cart list

Automated Notifications and Recovery Status

Within this new feature update, you can also monitor the email status associated with each abandoned order. This indicates whether an automated notification for the abandoned cart was sent out to your customer. To adjust the automation settings of these notifications, simply visit Settings -> Notifications in your account.

Furthermore, if an order is recovered, this feature will mark it as such, providing an efficient way to track your recovery efforts. Please note that these abandoned checkouts are only applicable to online stores.

abandoned cart recovery

Efficient Sales Tracking, More Conversions

By keeping track of which customers and which items are most often left in abandoned checkouts, you can gain invaluable insights into your customers’ browsing and purchasing habits. This intelligence can help you better tailor your site, deals, and communications towards successfully completing more sales.

Implementing this new feature is just one more way Leads-365 continues to enhance our platform to best serve your online store’s needs. Stay tuned for future enhancements and features aimed at making your online business effortless and efficient.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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