Boost Your Page Speed: Our Improved Video Player Libraries and Thumbnails

Updates to our video player libraries and thumbnails, designed to boost page speed performance and enhance user experience.

✨ What's changed?

  • **Lazy Loading of Video Player Libraries **📚: Video player libraries will now only be loaded when the user plays the video or if Autoplay is enabled.
  • ** Lazy Loading of Video Thumbnails** 🖼️: Thumbnails for videos are now also lazily loaded, meaning they only load when the video element is near to the browser viewport.

** 🚀 What's improved?**

  • Improved LCP and TBT scores
  • This helps in reducing network requests and downloads on initial page load.
  • Improves page speed performance and lighthouse scores if funnels/websites have video elements.
  • This improves video elements which use hosted videos, embed videos like youtube, wistia, Vimeo etc.

You don't need to make any changes. It will auto-reflect the speed

Note: This will significantly improve page speed performance for funnel/website consisting of video elements on mobile and desktop.