Creating Products on Mobile Just Got Easier

Exciting Update: Creating Products on Mobile Just Got Easier!

We’re excited to bring you a fresh update that will streamline your experience with product creation on our mobile app. With this new enhancement, you can easily create Products or Services directly on your mobile app, a feature that will not only save time, but also ensure seamless invoicing and efficient use of the Point-of-Sale module. Any products you create on Mobile will also be available on the web under the Products tab inside Payments, enhancing your ease of use across platforms. This feature will be available on the app and our white-labeled apps (update request required).

Here’s What’s New:

Streamlined Workflow: A user-friendly, intuitive workflow allows you to create products/services on the mobile app in just three easy steps.

Product Image Uploads: You can now upload relevant images to your products which will be displayed in the POS product catalog.

Multiple Pricing Models: Define various pricing models for a single product such as standard price, discounted price, or stock clearance price, among others.

Variant Creation and Pricing: If you’ve set a single price for your product, you can create variants of the same product based on its attributes. For example, a jacket could have multiple variants – Size and Color.

How to Use It:

Here are simple steps to create a new product in the mobile app:

  1. Open the app and select your preferred account.
  2. Click on the menu on the top left to open the navigation. Head over to Products.
  3. Press the “+” button on the bottom right of the screen to create a new product.
  4. First, input all the basic details about your product – Name, Description, Image, Item Type, and Statement Descriptor (Optional step)
  5. Next, define the pricing models for this product. You can set multiple prices for a single product.
  6. If you have defined a single price for your product, you can create product variants and set pricing for each variant combination.
  7. Lastly, review all the product details before saving or cancelling the process.
  8. Once saved, the product is added to the product list and can be used in the POS Product Catalog or Invoices.

Image of product creation process

Image of product creation pricing

Image of product review

Why It Matters?

This update empowers account admins and users to create products swiftly, allow for quick charging of customers with Tap to Pay, or other payment methods. It provides a detailed cost breakdown on a product level, enhancing, transparency and boosting customer trust.

What Comes Next?

Stay tuned for more enhancements. We’re working on features to link taxes to each product and define product inventory, further simplifying your checkout process and providing a clutter-free experience.

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