Customization: Opportunity Fields in Forms & Surveys

A Defining Step Forward in Customization – Opportunity Fields Now Part of Forms and Surveys

We are very excited to announce our latest update. Now, you are able to include opportunity custom fields in your forms and surveys, increasing your power to collect and utilize even more relevant data.

The Latest Additions

  • Add the Opportunity Custom Fields: With our improved system capabilities, you can now painlessly add opportunity custom fields into any form or survey, increasing the amount of specific opportunity-related information you can collect.
  • Self-Managed Opportunity Settings: You are now able to customize opportunity settings through the selection of pipeline, stage, status, and opportunity value for each individual form or survey.
  • New Opportunity Pipeline Creation Option: Within the opportunity settings modal, you will be able to create a new opportunity pipeline with the simple click of the Create Pipeline option.
  • Two-Category Dropdown for Custom Fields: To aid in enhancing data management, custom fields are separated into two dropdown categories – Contact and Opportunity.
  • Collapsible Format for Custom Fields: All custom fields are displayed under their parent folders in an easily collapsible format, leading to a swift, clean user experience.
  • Form or Survey = An Opportunity Created: An opportunity is automatically generated and linked to the contact made from a form or survey submission, giving you a convenient method to manage opportunities.

Here’s How It Functions

  • To begin, go to the form or survey builder.
  • Proceed to the custom fields section found under the Add Form/Survey Element.
  • Pick out Opportunity from the available categories.
  • Add the desired opportunity custom fields into your form or survey.
  • As needed, you can adjust opportunity settings and then save the form or survey.
  • Upon form or survey submission, an opportunity is autonomously created for the corresponding contact.

Online contact form interface screenshot.
Screenshot of a customizable online contact form.
CRM opportunity update prompt on computer screen.
Online form with contact information fields and consent checkbox.

CRM dashboard with opportunities and payment reminder alert.

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