Discover the Power of Short Label: Enhance Your Forms and Surveys Today

Introducing The Newly Enhanced Form and Survey Builder 🚀

The journey in enhancing our products and services continues, and we're excited to announce the latest feature that joins the roster; the "Short Label" element in our new form and survey builder. The Short Label is designed to maximize the clarity, user-friendliness, and overall experience when customers engage with your forms and surveys.

What's New With the "Short Label" Feature 😎

Short Label is an innovative feature that enhances each input field, question, or form section. It provides a concise and informative description, acting as a quick guide or overview of the user's input expectations. The label is conveniently placed right below the relevant field, question, or section, making it easy for users to understand its function instantly.

How to Leverage Short Label in Your Strategy 🌟

To make the most out of this feature, the following simple steps should guide you:

  • Enable New builders from Labs
  • Open your Form or Survey and add the fields needed
  • Click on any of these fields
  • You will notice the short label input on the right side
  • Input the necessary description in the short label input of selected fields
  • Lastly, under styles, you can alter the font size, font family, font weight, and color of the short label to align it with your company's theme

Short Label Input

Customization Options

Engaging Form Submission

Clear Understandable Labels

This new feature is an essential tool to ensure not only the clarity of your forms and surveys but also to provide an engaging and simplified user experience for your customers.

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