Email Action Enhancements Boost Usability and Professionalism

New Product Update – Email Action Enhancements

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancements to our email action functionalities, designed to streamline your email marketing efforts and enhance user experience.

UI Upgrade

We've revamped the user interface for email actions to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. This upgrade ensures that you can navigate and utilize email features with greater ease and efficiency.

UI Upgrade

New Validation Rule

To further enhance the reliability and professionalism of your email communications, a new validation rule has been implemented. Specifically:

  • If the "From Email" field is entered, then the "From Name" field becomes mandatory.

This rule helps ensure that recipients always see a clear and recognizable sender name, thereby boosting your email's trustworthiness and open rates.

How This Benefits You

These updates are designed to provide a more seamless experience when creating and sending emails. With the UI improvements, tasks will be easier to perform, reducing the time you spend on email setups. The new validation rule ensures all your emails are properly formatted, maintaining a consistent and professional appearance.

For more information on how to make the most of your email marketing initiatives, check out our Nurture page.

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