New Product Update Enhance Your Email Campaign Effectiveness with Preview in Browser Feature

New Product Update: Enhance Your Email Campaign Effectiveness with “Preview in Browser” Feature

We’re constantly striving to provide you tools and features that make your marketing strategies more effective and efficient. This time, we bring an exciting addition to our Email Builder tool: the “Preview in Browser” link. Wondering what this could mean for your marketing operations?

H2 Problem Encountered

Sending emails through different email clients often result in variations in the way these emails are displayed. Such inconsistency can potentially undermine your campaign’s impact.

To overcome this, we’re offering a new functionality that lets users include a “Preview in Browser” link in their email campaigns.

H3 What’s New in Email Builder

You can now easily integrate a “Preview in Browser” link to your new or existing campaigns which allows for an accurate representation of your email design across various client platforms.

H3 How to Implement “Preview in Browser”

All blank email templates are now automatically equipped with the “Preview in Browser” link at the top. If you seek to incorporate this feature into your existing campaigns or templates, simply:

  • Navigate to email marketing and open any campaign/template.
  • Add the element – Preview URL. Preview URL
  • Customize the text style/formatting by editing or using the add link option. Add Link Option

Here’s how you can test this feature:

  1. Preview the email and click on the preview link to view the browser version of the document. Preview Link
  2. Send a test email and click on the view in browser link. View in Browser

This simple yet impactful feature could make a big difference in your email marketing success. Start incorporating “Preview in Browser” links in your email campaigns for a consistent user experience, thereby advancing your campaign effectiveness.

Not sure how to get started? Visit our FAQ section or contact our team for support at Conatct Us

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