Embrace Collaboration and Boost Earnings with Second-Tier Commissions

Embrace the Power of Second-Tier Commissions with our Affiliate Manager!

Imagine your affiliate marketing on turbocharge! With our new feature, second-tier commissions, you don't just cash-in on your direct sales but also on the sales generated by the affiliates on your team. You get a piece of the glory from their success too! It's time to enjoy the fruits of a collaborative team effort, where success shared is success doubled!

Second-Tier Commissions, a Game Changer in Affiliate Marketing

In the world of affiliate marketing, second-tier commissions describe a system where affiliates earn commissions not only on direct sales but also on the sales presented by affiliates they referred to the program. This approach adds a multi-layered structure, where affiliates can benefit from their own efforts and their team's.

Here’s a brief on the striking benefits of second-tier commissions:

  1. Incentivises Recruitment: With second-tier commissions, you’ll enjoy more incentives to recruit and mentor new affiliates, helping us expand our affiliate network for more sales and visibility.
  2. Enhances Motivation: You can earn extra income from the referrals of affiliates you introduce, promoting a more engaged and collaborative affiliate community.
  3. Rewards Leadership and Mentorship: Second-tier commissions acknowledge and reward affiliates who excel at guiding their recruits, optimizing team success.
  4. Promises Long-term Growth Potential: Second-tier commissions can generate exponential growth as the affiliate network expands. You have vested interest, paving way for a self-sustaining cycle of recruitment, training, and sales.

Leverage the Advantages of Second-Tier Affiliate Marketing

Campaign Creation

To enjoy the benefits of this new feature, navigate to 'Marketing > Affiliate Manager', create a new campaign for running two-tier commissions.

New Campaign

While creating the campaign, you’ll find options to add the first and second-tier commissions. But before you do that, ensure you add a one or two-step order form inside the Funnel Step/Website page and connect your domain.

Now, if you invite someone to join as an affiliate, they can earn not only for their own sales but also for any sales made by people they invite to join the campaign.

Sales Tracking

Post-purchase, you, as parent affiliate, get to see the number of leads/customers your child affiliates bring and the sales they make.


The commission added in percentage or flat terms can be monitored by visiting the 'Payouts' of Parent Affiliate.

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