Embrace Enhanced User Experience with Match Conditions

We are delighted to bring you the latest product update. As we continually strive to enhance the user experience and streamline workflows for our clients, we’re introducing a new branching logic in our IVR Gather action.

Embrace Enhanced User Experience with Match Conditions

The key focus of this improvement is to provide a smoother, more integrated experience for our clients. The IVR Gather action has been updated with more interactive and seamless flow. It now includes a ‘Match Condition’ branching option to each Keypress function you wish to configure.

This considerably reduces the number of steps needed for desired outcomes. The need to configure the IVR gather step, followed by an “If/Else” action becomes a thing of the past. You can now achieve the expected result directly from the IVR Gather action, effectively eliminating the need for additional action.

IVR Gather Update

Simplified Workflow with Match Conditions

The core of this enhancement lies in the simplified actions needed to achieve your objective. Formerly, users were required to take two separate actions – one for configuring the IVR Gather step with a message for the caller’s response, and then a separate “If/Else” action where remaining actions are mapped based on the Keypress.

With the integration of ‘Match Conditions’ into the IVR Gather action, these steps are condensed into a more user-friendly, single workflow.

Simplified Workflow

Streamlining Actions and Enhancing User Experience

We take into account the necessity for streamlined user experience. This update is a testament to our commitment to reducing overall actions needed for the same task, while improving the efficiency of our users’ operations.

Taking these factors into account, we are pleased to introduce this feature aimed to simplify your workflow and provide an improved user experience.

Enhanced Experience

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