Enabling In-app Calling for IVR Calls

New Product Update: Enabling In-app Calling for IVR Calls

Enhancing Your IVR Call Management

We’re excited to introduce a valuable enhancement that allows you to redirect IVR calls directly to our web app and mobile app, an option that was previously not available. This update offers you greater flexibility and control over how inbound IVR calls are managed.

Solving Key Problems

Previously, users could only receive IVR calls via phone numbers. This could sometimes lead to missed calls or inefficient call routing. Our latest update addresses this issue by providing workflow owners with the ability to route inbound IVR calls to either phone numbers or the app, available both on web and mobile.

Benefits of This Enhancement

  • Increased Flexibility for Staff: Allow staff members to receive inbound IVR calls through the app or their phone numbers.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Prevent inbound IVR calls from being directed to the carrier’s voicemail, ensuring conversations are not missed.

How to Use This Feature

To start using this new capability:

  • Go to Settings -> My Staff
  • Click on Edit and navigate to the “Call & Voicemail Settings” section.
  • Select from a set of options in the “Default channel for IVR”:
    • Web app – Route IVR calls to the web app
    • Mobile app – Route IVR calls to the mobile app
    • Phone number – Route IVR calls to a phone number

Screenshot of business software settings panel for call management.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 12

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