Enhance Signature Authenticity and Validation in Forms and Surveys

New Product Update – Enhancing Signature Authenticity and Validation for Forms and Surveys

What’s New?

Our latest update introduces crucial enhancements aimed at improving the authenticity and validation of signatures in form and survey submissions. This new feature leverages a time-signed and encoded hash to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

Time-Signed and Encoded Hash

Each form submission will now generate an encrypted hash, reflecting the data signed. This encoded hash provides an extra layer of authenticity to the signatures.

Signature Hash Display

The signature hash is displayed below the signature field in form and survey submissions, ensuring easy access for verification purposes.

Time Signed and Hash in PDF

When exporting the submission as a PDF, both the time of signing and the encoded hash are included. This feature enhances verification and traceability.

How It Works

  1. Generating the Hash:
    • When users sign and submit a form or survey, an encrypted hash of the form data is generated.
  2. Display of Hash:
    • This hash is displayed below the signature field in the form or survey submission records.
  3. Inclusion in PDF:
  • The time signed along with the encoded hash is included when downloading the submission as a PDF for comprehensive verification.

Online registration form with signature field and submit button.
Screenshot of an online form submission interface.
Screenshot of a signed digital consent form.

Why This Feature?

This feature aims to enhance the security and authenticity of signatures in form and survey submissions. By incorporating an encoded hash and timestamp, users can verify the integrity of the submitted data. This ensures that the signatures remain genuine and unaltered, providing peace of mind about the validity of your forms and surveys.

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