Enhance Transparency and Compliance: Introducing Terms and Conditions Control for SMBcrm

We’re excited to announce a new feature for SMBcrm that gives you more control over your ordering process. Now, you can enable terms and conditions on both 1-step and 2-step order forms. This addition allows you to ensure that customers check the terms and conditions box prior to finalizing their order — enhancing transparency and compliance in your business transactions.

Enabling Terms and Conditions on Your Order Forms

Step 1: Navigate to the Funnel Builder

Initially, you need to head over to your new Funnel builder. Here you will find a toggle switch. Turning this on will let you define the preview text that appears on your order form.

Terms and Conditions Switch

Step 2: Add Hyperlinked Text

Next, you’ll be able to specify which part of your text should be hyperlinked.

Hyperlinked Text

Attach a specific URL to the hyperlinked text. This URL will guide your customers to the detailed terms and conditions page when clicked.

Step 4: Review Your Order Form

After the hyperlinked text is set, your preview page will display a checkbox for accepting the terms and conditions.

Preview Page

Step 5: Finalize Your Order Form

Once you have enabled the terms and conditions, keep in mind that your customers will not be able to complete their orders unless they have agreed to these conditions.

These enhanced features allow for more explicit consent from your customers, keeping your business practices transparent and trustworthy.

Take advantage of this feature today and experience a more streamlined checkout process.

Request a demo to see this feature in action.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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