Enhance Your Communities: Introducing Paid Courses

Enhance Your Communities with Our Latest Feature: Paid Courses

We are excited to announce a new feature that will revolutionize your communities — Paid Courses. Now, group owners and admins can add paid courses right from their community page, opening up an incredible revenue stream!

A Peek into the Key Features

Learning Tab Empowerment

From your Learning Tab, you can add paid courses directly to your communities. Create a robust learning environment and generate revenue at the same time.

Flexible Payment Options

Customize your paid courses with either recurring or one-time payment options. Plus, you can select the currency that suits you best, offering convenience to your global audience.

Hassle-free Course Purchase

Your learners can effortlessly purchase your courses through the Learning tab. The seamless process ensures a smooth transaction and a positive user experience.

Boost Your Course Visibility

With the new ‘copy link’ feature for your paid courses, you can easily share and promote your courses. Expand your reach and attract more learners to your community.

Integrated Email System

Stay informed about your course revenue with integrated emails for successful payments and subscription cancellations for paid courses.

Easy Edit Capabilities

After adding a paid course, you can revisit your pricing and payment settings anytime and make necessary changes. We’ve designed this feature to be as flexible as your business needs it to be.

What’s New in Enhancements?

In addition to these exciting new features, we’ve made key enhancements you’ll love.

Enhanced Course Sequencing

Reorder your course sequences on the Learning page with our improved ‘Move Courses’ option. It’s all about keeping your content organized and learner-friendly.

Effective Progress Tracking

Our integrated Course Progress in Communities feature shows the course progress for specific users. It’s an effective way to keep an eye on learner engagement and adapt your content as needed.

Local Currency Selection

We’ve added a valuable currency selection option for paid groups, allowing you to cater to an international audience more effectively.

Start taking advantage of these new features today to enhance your communities and tap into new revenue streams.

For a step-by-step guide on using our latest feature, check out our FAQ.

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