Enhance Your Community with New Themes and Improved Features

New Product Update – Communities – Updates

Hey there! We've got some exciting updates in this release to make user engagement even better. Below are the enhancements and fixes that have been rolled out to improve your experience with community management.


  • New Themes: The Themes feature is now out of labs and is automatically applied to all community groups. This ensures a more visually cohesive and engaging experience for all members.


Improved User Interaction

  • Invite Member Access: You can now invite members directly from the group info card, making it easier to grow your community.
  • Dark Mode Accessibility: Dark mode can now be accessed more easily from the top navbar, improving usability and reducing eye strain.

Bug Fixes

  • Role Assignment: Fixed the issue where the owner was getting downgraded to a group member.
  • Course Info Sidebar: The course info sidebar is now scrollable, providing a more user-friendly navigation experience.
  • Post Editor for Android: Various bug fixes have been implemented for the Post Editor on Android devices, ensuring a smoother interaction.
  • Favicon Support: Favicons with transparent backgrounds (.png format) are now supported, adding a more polished look to your community.
  • Content Reports: Fixed the issue where content reports could be accessed by contributors, ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Navigation for Banned Users: Addressed the navigation issues that were faced by banned users, streamlining the user management process.

Other UI Fixes

This release brings significant enhancements to user engagement features, helping community owners keep their members more engaged and active.

For more tips and updates on how to leverage these features, visit our Nurture page.

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