Enhance Your Content Creation with New Content AI Capabilities

Introducing New Content AI Capabilities for SMBcrm – Elevate Your Written Content!

Embrace more sophisticated and streamlined writing with our brand new Content AI options. You can now lean on our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to tweak, improve, and refine your written content to perfection. Whether you want to strike the ideal tone, fix grammatical errors, lengthen or shorten your content, or simplify complex language, our new options in Content AI are designed to assist!

Contextual Support with Content AI

Explore how the different options available in our updated Content AI system can help you:

Elevate Your Content: Uncertain about a piece of writing? With this new feature, you can now improve your content and create a persuasive and vibrant narrative that enthralls your readers.

Expand Your Ideas: Our new ‘Make Longer’ option can help you to develop engaging, in-depth content with more detail.

Condense Your Brilliance: Alternatively, with our new ‘Make Shorter’ feature, you can deliver succinct, high-impact messages with influence.

Perfect Your Grammar & Spelling: Our enhanced spell-check feature ensures your writing always appears polished and professional — without compromising your unique tone.

Simplify Your Message: Distill complex ideas into clear and concise statements for improved readability with the 'Simplify Writing' option.

With these new tools in your arsenal, you are equipped to elevate your content and ensure engagement!

Check Out These Examples for Specific Use Cases!

Improving your writing: Upgrade a simple sentence like "The cat sat on the mat" to "The sleek feline comfortably settled itself on the soft mat."

Expanding on an idea: Transform "The sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky with a myriad of vibrant hues, casting a warm, golden glow across the landscape." into an immersive experience: "As the day draws to a close, the sun gracefully descends beneath the distant horizon, orchestrating a breathtaking display of colors that range from fiery reds to gentle purples, imbuing the entire vista with a comforting, golden radiance."

Shortening content: Alter "She ran swiftly through the forest, her heart pounding, the trees a blur" into the crisp "Swiftly, heart pounding, she dashed through the forest."

Checking spelling and grammar: Turn errors like "He dont know if its their or there cat" into the grammatically correct "He doesn't know if it's their or their cat."

Simplifying complex language: Change complex statements like "I am unable to comprehend the intricacies of quantum physics" into straightforward language: "I don't understand quantum physics."

How Can You Use the Quick Actions for Content AI?

It's simple! Go to Marketing > Social Planner to create a new post. When you've written your post, click on AI to action the specific improvements you'd like: Improve Writing, Fix Spelling and Grammar, Make Longer, Make Shorter, or Simplify Writing.

The system can either enhance your selected text or consider the entire piece for improvements. You can replace existing text or add AI-generated content just below your original writing. View a history of your AI-generated text in Automation > Content AI.




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