Enhance Your Notifications

Our commitment to providing the best tools and features to streamline your marketing needs continues with this product update. We’ve added a new feature that increases the flexibility and customization of your email notifications within the Documents and Contracts module.

Customize Your Email Notifications

Effective immediately, you can now configure the 'from name' and 'from email' for every email or notification sent by the documents and contracts settings.

Previously, users were limited to the default name and email of the active user account, which may have posed certain constraints regarding the sender details. This update aims to give you more control, offering versatility and personalization in your communication process.

How To Use the New Feature

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' section under 'Documents and Contracts'.
  2. In the 'Customer Notifications' section, you can change the 'from name' and 'from email' for emails meant for customers.
  3. In the 'Team Notifications' section, change the 'from name' and 'from email' for internal emails.

Here's a quick look at where you can make these changes:

Screenshot showing where to adjust settings

Screenshot showing settings options

This update underscores our determination to shape our features around your needs. We hope this level of customization will further enhance your overall experience with our platform.

As always, we will continue to roll out enhancements and new features to further optimize your marketing efforts.

Check out our latest article, and stay tuned for more product updates on the way.

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