Enhance Your User Experience with Activity Cards: Real-time Updates at Your Fingertips

Introducing Activity Cards: Consolidated Real-time Updates

We're excited to announce the launch of Activity Cards, a dynamic new feature set to enhance your user experience. Now, you can stay informed about significant changes across your account in real-time, without the need to navigate away from your current module.

Keep Track of Your Opportunities

Never miss a lead again! With our new Activity Cards, gain real-time updates every time an opportunity is created, updated, or deleted. Always stay on top of your potential leads from start to finish, and make quick changes by clicking on 'View Opportunity' on the card.

Image focusing on Opportunities

Stay Updated on Your Appointments

Manage your schedules more efficiently. Activity cards will reflect updates whenever an appointment is created, rescheduled, or cancelled. Stay up to date and modify appointments quickly with the 'View Appointment' button, all within your conversation panel.

Image focusing on Appointments

Never Cross the Line with DNC Status

Ensure you respect your contacts' preferred communication limits with activity card updates for 'Do Not Disturb' (DND) status changes. Stay aware of their current preferences, and never unintentionally cross boundaries.

Image focusing on DNC Status

Improve Transparency with Invoice Activity Cards

Map your financial transactions with more fluidity. Activity cards will be populated when an invoice is sent to a contact or a payment is received, improving financial transparency across your interactions. Click 'View Invoice' to be redirected to a comprehensive invoice view in a new tab.

The new Activity Card features are currently available in Labs under 'Activity cards in Conversations (Location)'. Embrace the ease these cards bring to your Leads-365 account and streamline your operations like never before.

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