Enhanced Appointment Rescheduling & Calendar Integration

Exciting Enhancements on Appointment Updates

We are thrilled to announce a new feature enhancement, now offering an upgraded rescheduling experience!

A Transformation in the Rescheduling Process

This enhancement provides our users with more detailed and informative insights during rescheduling. Unlike before, when the rescheduling confirmation page did not show certain vital details, we have made crucial changes for improved clarity.

Now, when rescheduling, you will see:

  • The duration of the appointment
  • The original appointment time, displayed with a strikethrough for differentiation
  • The new appointment time
  • The meeting location
  • Timezone information

image (4)

With these intuitive components, bookers can now enjoy a more streamlined appointment management experience.

Embrace the Convenience with ‘Add to Calendar’

In addition, our enhanced ‘Add to Calendar’ feature helps keep your schedule in check by seamlessly incorporating your newly rescheduled appointments into your Google, Outlook, or iCloud Calendar. This functionality makes the coordination of schedules a breeze, and ensures you will never miss an important date.

We constantly strive to enhance our features, focusing on user-centric functionality and creating an effortless user journey.

In Case You Missed It

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Enjoy these updates and keep managing your appointments with ease!