Enhanced Calendar View Feature in Social Planner

We are excited to bring to you the latest update in our Social Planner tool. This upgrade features an enhanced calendar view that allows the visualization of recurring post queues. You can now get a full snapshot of your scheduled content right from the calendar. This update will save time while planning and organizing your content marketing.

To make use of this upgrade, follow these easy steps:

  1. Head over to Marketing > Social Planner.
  2. Create new posts complete with content and media attachments.
  3. Choose the ‘Post Now’ option, and then select ‘Schedule Recurring Post’.
  4. Start scheduling your recurring posts by day, week, month, or year to effectively create evergreen content.

You can access this in-depth guide that provides detailed information in the apps knowledge base.

With the new Calendar View, you’ll be able to visualize your future recurring posts, so you stay on top of your content marketing.

Moreover, when you opt to edit your post, the system will give you the ability to edit the original recurring post.

This update is one of many aimed at making content management easier and more intuitive for you. We hope you’ll find this upgrade an addition that improves your productivity and streamlines your tasks on Social Planner.

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