Enhanced Conditional Logic for Streamlined Form Experiences

Exciting Enhancements in Conditional Logic in Forms

We’re excited to bring you the latest of our product updates – new enhancements in the show/hide functionality of conditional logic in forms. Our goal is to streamline your interaction with leads, ensuring a hassle-free, customizable experience that aligns with user inputs and responses.

Broadening Our Conditional Logic Capabilities

Our team has worked hard to enhance our conditional logic to include show/hide functionalities for a range of features, including textbox lists, signatures, file uploads, and multiple dropdown fields. These enhancements are designed to tailor the visibility of these elements based on user inputs or responses, paving the way for more dynamic form experiences.

Checkbox/Radio Option Fix

We’ve identified and resolved an issue where checkbox or radio options weren’t properly capturing empty values when used in conjunction with show/hide conditional logic. We hope this fix ensures all user selections are accurately reflected and stored, reinforcing the accuracy and reliability of data collection in your forms.

Handling Overlapping Conditions More Effectively

We’ve also addressed and corrected a bug related to overlapping conditions within our show/hide conditional logic. This enhancement ensures conflicting conditions are managed more effectively, providing a smoother, error-free form interaction experience for users.

Crucial Takeaways

Remember, the conditional logic feature will always take precedence over the field’s hidden settings. This means that the visibility of a field is primarily controlled by the conditional logic applied, ensuring that the form behaves as intended, in line with user responses.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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