Enhanced Configuration for Receipts – A New Level of Personalization

Marvel at the innovative features we’ve added to your lead management toolbox! We’ve enhanced your ability to customize the content and presentation of your receipts, giving you more command over your business processes.

Enhanced Configuration for Receipts – A New Level of Personalization

You wanted more personalization, and we listened. We’re excited to announce that we now support complete customization of email, name, and subject for all receipts sent via SMBcrm. By allowing input of custom values, you can now tailor personalized subjects.

Configuration customization

This improved tweak means that you now have total control over the receipt sender’s name (FromName), the sender’s email address (FromEmail), and the subject line (Subject) of your receipts. This functionality not only provides a smoother user experience but also enables effective correspondence with your clients.

Tailored Communication for Better Client Engagement

Contrary to the standard receipts send out, this update allows you to provide a personalized touch in a professional manner, aiding you to stand out from the crowd. This is particularly useful for maintaining brand consistency and fostering customer loyalty. Moreover, personalized interactions can leave a lasting impact on your clients and assist in building a stronger connection with them.

Power to Businesses

Handling the way your receipts are sent out is essential for reinforcing your brand, ensuring clear communication, and elevating client experience. This update empowers you, the business owner, to have more command over how receipts are sent out, honing your business workflow.

Don’t forget to explore our new features and take full advantage of the increased level of customization and control.

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We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

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