Enhanced Contact Engagement Management Features

New Features for Better Contact Engagement Management

We are continually looking for ways to enhance your experience with our platform. In our latest update, we've added new functionalities to our workflows that improve your ability to interact with and manage Contact Engagement Scores.

Contact Engagement Score – Trigger

We are introducing a new trigger that lets you initiate any workflow actions whenever a change occurs in a contact's Engagement Score. We understand the need for precision when managing contacts, and with this in mind, we've included a feature that lets you apply filters using various numerical conditions associated with the score.

These conditions range from:

  • Being equal to a specific score,
  • Not equal to a certain score,
  • Greater than a specific score,
  • Less than a specific score,
  • Being empty, and
  • Not being empty.

This flexibility gives you more control, enabling you to design and implement engagement strategies that specifically cater to each contact's status and score.

Modify Contact Engagement Score – Action

To further enhance your control, we've added a new action that allows you to add or subtract from a contact's existing score. This presents an uncomplicated means to update engagement levels based on specific interactions or behaviors. By doing so, you can promptly respond to changes, ensuring that each contact feels valued and engaged.

These newly added functionalities are designed to provide you with increased flexibility, and help facilitate the creation of more personalized and responsive engagement strategies.

As we usher in this update, we encourage you to request a demo to get a first-hand experience of how these features can significantly simplify your engagement management tasks.

In case you missed it, check out our previous update on the enhancements to contact engagement tools where we highlighted other ways we have improved our platform’s capabilities.
We look forward to seeing you make the most of these new features!