Enhanced Contact Management Automation

Streamlining Contact Management with our Latest Feature Update

We are excited to announce a much-anticipated update that aims to streamline the management of followers in Contacts. Many users have faced challenges in automating the process of adding and removing followers, often having to resort to inefficient manual tactics. This is no longer an issue as we introduce the capability to directly add and remove followers within Contacts via workflows.

Now, It’s All About Automation

The core of this update lies in automation! You now have the ability within your Contacts workflows to integrate ‘add’ and ‘remove follower actions, spending less time juggling individual follow-ups, adjustments, or removals.

Workflow Screenshot

Simply use the “Add Contact Followers” feature for automatically adding followers to any given contact. Your selection of users can be easily added as the follower with a click of a button.

Add Contact Followers Snapshot

For the removal of followers from a contact, we introduce the convenient “Remove Contact Followers” function. You have the choice to either remove all followers or selectively remove specific ones.

Remove Contact Followers Snapshot

The Impacts and Advantages

Through this update, we’ve honed in on two significant implications:

  • Stress-Free Processes: With automated follower management, forget about time-consuming manual tasks and focus more on what matters.
  • Surged Efficiency: This feature ensures that your contacts stay relevant with the appropriate followers, omitting the steps of manual checks and interventions entirely.

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