Enhanced Conversations and Audit Logs: Simplified Contact Search and Improved Transparency

Exciting Enhancements to Conversations and Audit Logs 🌟

We are delighted to introduce two major improvements to our Conversations feature. These enhancements have been designed to streamline your communication experience and ensure maximum efficiency.

Improved Contact Search 📞

Finding accurate contact phone numbers within the Conversations page has just gotten easier!

Country Code Not Required 🌍
When trying to retrieve a phone number without a country code, our advanced system will automatically append the right country code reflecting the account's location. Consequently, a list of matching contacts will be presented, simplifying the process of contact retrieval.


Including Country Code 🌐
In cases where precise results are necessary, including a country code will prompt our system to execute an exact match search within the specified country. However, please note that this search feature currently supports only the primary phone number of the contact.

This enhancement is designed to improve your user experience by expediting and better organizing your access to contact details.


Conversation Deletion Details in Audit Logs 🗑️📃

We're introducing an Audit logs feature for superior visibility into conversation deletions. This nifty feature can be accessed from the Settings menu providing you comprehensive information:

  • Identification of the contact whose conversation was expunged.
  • The user who triggered the deletion.
  • The precise date and time when the deletion occurred.

Such a feature significantly improves transparency and accountability in the messaging history with a detailed record of conversation deletions.

We hope these updates will enhance your experience with our platform. For any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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