Enhanced Course Migrator Feature: Video Copying Enabled

Exciting News! Memberships- Course Importer Now Supports Copying Videos

We are thrilled to bring you the latest upgrade: The Course Migrator is more powerful now than ever before. We have expanded its functionality to support the copying of not just text and images, but videos as well.

Unleashing the Power of Video in Course Migration

We understand the crucial role that video content plays in enriching the learning experience in online courses. Our updated Course Migrator now allows a seamless transition of video content from one account to another. As a result, you can now replicate the richness of your courses with even more ease.

Post-Migration Status Updates for Effortless Oversight

Once the migration process is initiated, the products will be listed under a “processing” status until all associated videos are successfully copied over. You can monitor the ongoing migrations effortlessly. As soon as the video copying process is complete, the status will automatically be updated to “completed” for easy tracking. This feature ensures transparency and allows you to keep an eye on the migration status.

The Bottom Line

This new feature addition highlights our continuous commitment to ease your course migration process and help you have the necessary oversight of each step. We’re thrilled to offer this new functionality, and we hope it makes managing your online courses easier and more efficient.

As always, we are committed to continuously enhancing our software and providing you with the tools you need to manage a successful online course platform. Keep watching this space for more exciting updates!

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