Enhanced Customization Control for Booking Forms

Delivering Customized Services Made Easier with Our New Update

We are delighted to unveil a new update to our services. This feat will now allow you to personalize the booking process even further by creating custom forms integrated within your service menu.

Previously, our default feature collected essential information from bookers such as their name, email, and phone number. However, we believe every business relationship can be more than just the basics. This belief steered us towards creating a feature that allows you to gather all the requisite details to cater to your clients more effectively.

Customizing Your Service Menu Forms

When a client schedules an appointment, the custom form you’ve seamlessly integrated into your service menu becomes their questionnaire. Using the command Sites > Forms > Submissions, you can easily view the submitted details within our app. It’s important to note that any selected custom form will supersede any form previously chosen at an individual calendar level.

How Can You Start Implementing This?

Creating your custom questionnaire begins at Sites > Forms > Builder. Here, you have the platform to craft a form featuring the precise information you require from your bookers. After completing your personalized form, you proceed to formalize it by visiting Calendar Settings > Service Menu. You need to select the desired service menu and proceed to Service Menu Details. Under Forms, proceed to select the custom form you’ve created and save your selection.



This new feature aims to ensure that you are better prepared for each client and can offer the best experience possible.

Keep checking our product updates for more enhancements and feature additions designed to streamline your operations and marketing efforts.

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