Enhanced Customization with Google Fonts Integration

We're excited to share our latest enhancement with you. Now, you have more freedom to customize your email designs with the introduction of Google Fonts in our Email Builder feature. Previously, the range of styling choices was limited. But now, we've expanded the possibilities to let your creativity soar and truly resonate with your audience.

Utilize Google Fonts Directly in Email Builder

With this update, you can seamlessly access and add Google Fonts directly from the font selector of our Email Builder. This means more diversity and flexibility for your font styling choices. Whether you're complementing your brand aesthetics, appealing to a unique market segment, or wanting to convey a particular tone, you can select the perfect font for every occasion.

Easily Manage Your Fonts

Moreover, we've ensured that managing your fonts is straightforward and simple via the settings page. You can add new fonts, delete those you no longer use, and control existing fonts with just a few clicks.

How to Use the New Feature:

  1. Navigate to the Email Builder on our platform
  2. Open an existing email campaign or start a new one
  3. Choose the text element within your design
  4. Select the "font selector" option
  5. Click on "Add fonts"[^1^]
  6. From the dropdown menu in the modal, select your desired font[^2^]
  7. Click on "Add font" to save it[^2^]
  8. Your saved font will now be available in the font selector for every builder[^3^]
  9. You can manage your saved fonts from the "settings page"[^4^]. To add or delete a font, simply navigate to the settings section of campaigns and select "Fonts"

We're thrilled about the flexibility and freedom this update provides and we just know you're going to love the wealth of design options now available to you. Produce eye-catching, memorable email campaigns like never before!

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[^1^]: Image 1

[^2^]: Image 2

[^3^]: Image 3

[^4^]: Image 4