Enhanced Dashboard Permissions Feature Update

We’re back with a fresh and highly adaptable feature to customize your user experience and management. We’ve heard your feedback and have now expanded the options for setting custom permissions on your dashboards.

What’s New?

Whether you prefer a solo experience or collaborative efforts, our platform now allows you to tailor and control who has access to your dashboard and to what extent. We’ve introduced four levels of permissions to suit your specific needs.

  • FULL: This allows users to fully manage the dashboards. Under FULL permissions, you can create, edit, remove and share dashboards as you see fit.
  • EDIT: EDIT permission allows users to tweak a dashboard and its widgets, but doesn’t allow them to remove it.
  • VIEW: Users set on the VIEW level will have read-only access.
  • NO ACCESS: As the name suggests, users with NO ACCESS status won’t have any permission on the dashboard.

How It Works:

Setting Up Permissions: While creating a new dashboard, you can customize permissions and even toggle on or off the Private Dashboard option.

Managing Permissions for Existing Dashboards: Amend permissions simply by selecting “Manage Permissions” in the options menu on your dashboard.

Updating Permissions: Choose permissions according to roles or users. Again, the Private Dashboard option can be toggled based on your needs.

Saving Changes: Don’t forget to click “Save” to apply the updated permissions.

Helpful visuals for deliverable understanding are available below.





Why it Matters:

At its heart, this new feature lets you tailor the dashboard experience to match your workflow and access levels perfectly. Protect sensitive data by controlling who sees what, and help your team work more efficiently by ensuring everyone has access to the right information at the right time. With this feature, your dashboard, your rules!

Please note, permissions are automatically tuned based on role hierarchy, meaning lower-level roles will not have greater access levels than higher-level roles.

If you missed our last product update, don’t worry. Catch up now and ensure you are making the most of all the tools at your disposal.