Drag & Drop Capabilities – Email Template Builder

Enhanced Drag and Drop Capabilities in Your Favorite Email Template Builder

Good news! Our relentless focus on improving your user experience has led us to overhaul our Email Template Builder. We’ve recognized that user experience challenges, especially when adding or rearranging elements, have affected some of our users’ ability to create seamless and beautiful emails.

Addressing User Challenges

Previously, almost half of the valid bug reports we received were related to difficulties with our builder’s drag and drop feature. Users often had to troubleshoot these issues by removing extensions or resorting to using incognito mode. We know how vital a smooth, intuitive tool is for your work, and we’ve hit the drawing board to solve these challenges.

Transition to a More Efficient Modular Federation Approach

We’ve upgraded our Email Template Builder to a streamlined Modular Federation approach. This strategic shift ensures a more efficient and seamless drag-and-drop experience, decreasing the chances of requiring workarounds for a smoother user experience.

And There’s More: Improved Campaign Builder Coming Soon!

As we continuously work towards delivering a truly seamless experience to you, we are pleased to share that this same enhanced efficiency and seamlessness will soon be available for the campaign builder, further improving your campaign creation journey.

At Leads-365, we are committed to consistently enhancing our products to ensure that they are efficient, seamless, and user-friendly, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business!

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates!