Enhanced eCommerce support: Define Custom Shipping & Delivery Rates

Enhanced eCommerce support: Define Custom Shipping & Delivery Rates

As we continue on our path to providing you with the absolute best tools for your eCommerce business, we’re thrilled to announce an upgrade in our shipping and delivery feature. You now have even more control over your shipping charges and can define custom shipping zones and manual rates based on these zones.

This feature offers you greater flexibility and control over your product delivery rates, and helps you adjust your charging practices to suit the unique needs of different shipping areas.

Custom Shipping Settings

Construct Custom Shipping Zones

Simply navigate to your account, go to Payments > Settings > Shipping & Delivery, and you’ll find the option to add shipping zones. A zone can be populated by selecting countries, allowing you to create geographical zones with custom delivery charges. But that’s not all — you can formulate multiple shipping zones, each with different delivery charges, offering you the ultimate customization.

New Zone Setup

Define Delivery Rates According to Cart Total

When setting your charges, you can create delivery rates depending on the total amount in the customer’s shopping cart. For example, you might decide to offer free shipping for orders over $500, while charging $10 for orders below this amount. This encourages larger orders while ensuring you cover your shipping costs for smaller orders.

Rate Setup

It’s just one more way we’re working to give you more control and customize different aspects of your eCommerce store.
Here’s to making your eCommerce journey smooth and efficient!

Final Touches

We are constantly working towards enhancing our features to provide you with the best experience. Stay updated with our latest announcements by visiting our product updates page.

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