Enhanced Email Change Notifications

We're always aiming to provide our users with greater levels of security and communication. Keeping this commitment in mind, we've made an enhancement to our current notification system.

Enhanced Notification System

In the latest feature rollout, the owner and 20 agency administrators of the account will now get notified via email whenever an email is changed on the user's profile. This new modification is a step towards our commitment to enhancing security measures and improving our communication channels.

This will provide better visibility over account-level changes, allowing the owner and administrators to spot any unusual activity and take prompt action if necessary.

This new feature leverages our continuous efforts to improve information transparency and prompt communication, enabling a higher degree of control for the owner and corresponding administrators over individual accounts.

Security & Transparency

The objective of this new feature is to bolster both security and transparency. Actions like email address alterations can sometimes pass unnoticed and have significant implications, particularly within larger organizations. By notifying the key stakeholders, any unexpected activity can now be caught in real-time, allowing for quicker response.

The enhanced notification feature will keep you informed about the activity within your account in real-time, providing you peace of mind knowing that your data’s integrity is continuously being protected.

Please explore our FAQs for more information on managing notifications or reach us through our Contact Us page if you need any help relating to this feature.

Keeping You Updated

Feel free to browse our other product updates and enhancements. We are constantly working to improve our platform, and we appreciate your ongoing feedback. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.

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