Enhanced Email Tracking Control

We are excited to announce a new feature update to our email tracking settings! You now have the ability to enable or disable open and click tracking for emails.

Enhanced Email Tracking Control

Open tracking and click tracking are powerful tools that let you know when recipients open your emails and click on links within the content. Tracking this data can be instrumental in understanding recipient behavior and refining your email strategy.

However, we understand that there are instances where you may wish to disable these tracking features, for example, to ensure privacy in sensitive communication scenarios. We're all about giving our users more control and flexibility, thus, we've made the adjustments to enable or disable open and click tracking to meet your specific requirements.

Open Tracking

Open tracking is now enabled by default for all outgoing emails. If you'd like to disable this feature, you can easily do so for a specific domain by adjusting the tracking in the dedicated sending domain tracking settings.

Click Tracking

Similarly, click tracking is also enabled as a default setting for all outgoing emails. If, however, your operations call for disabling this feature, you can choose to do so for a specific domain by adjusting the settings in the dedicated sending domain tracking settings.

Accessing This Feature

You can access this feature by following the below navigation path:
Settings -> Email Service -> SMTP Service -> Dedicated Domain and IP -> Domain settings under dedicated domain.

Here is how the new setting looks:

Email Tracking Setting

For comprehensive instructions and more information on how to use this new feature, please visit our FAQ page.

Remember, we're continually evolving and enhancing the SMBcrm system for you. We greatly value your feedback and are always excited to learn more about how we can support your business needs.

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