Enhanced Filtering Capabilities for Opportunities

Exciting Product Update: Enhanced Filtering Capabilities for Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that our platform now offers additional filtering capabilities when analyzing opportunities. Specifically, users can now filter opportunities based on ‘Lost Reason,’ providing a more in-depth understanding of opportunities and the factors impacting their outcomes.

New Opportunities Filtering Features:

  1. ‘Lost Reason’ as a Filter in Opportunity-based Triggers:With this update, ‘Lost Reason’ is now available as a filter in Opportunity Created, Changed, Status Changed, Stale Opportunities, and Pipeline Stage Changed. This gives you a more granular understanding of your opportunities and allows for improved tracking and management.

    Opportunities Screenshot

    Particularly for Opportunity Changed, you can filter based on the ‘Lost Reason’ update, enabling you to refine your approach and target problem areas more efficiently.

    Opportunity Changed Screenshot

  2. ‘Lost Reason’ as a Filter in Create/Update Opportunity Actions and If/Else Operators:This enhancement allows you to incorporate ‘Lost Reason’ in your Create/Update Opportunity actions and If/Else operators for more precise management of opportunities.

    Create/Update Opportunity Actions Screenshot

    If/Else Operators Screenshot

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Targeted Follow-Up: By understanding the specific reasons for opportunity loss, you can craft personalized follow-up strategies, which may increase your chances of re-engaging and winning back lost opportunities.
  • Problem-Solving Precision: The ability to pinpoint reasons for lost opportunities enables you to implement targeted solutions that can enhance your sales strategies.
  • Focused Resource Allocation: Understanding the reasons for lost opportunities allows you to focus your resources more effectively. By targeting the primary loss factors, you can optimize efficiency and fuel strategic growth.

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