Enhanced Functionality: Introducing Pagination, Improved Trigger Function, and Accurate Search Results

Enhanced Functionality in Payments and Invoicing

We're always working to enhance our functionalities to better serve our customers. Today, we've rolled out some updates in our Payments and Invoicing system.

Explore the Power of Pagination

Firstly, we've introduced Pagination in our Payments module. We understand the importance of being able to access your data more comprehensively. With Pagination, you won’t be limited to viewing just 10 records per page anymore. Now, you can view multiple records across all available list views in the Payments menu, which includes Invoices, Orders, Subscriptions, and Transactions.

Check out the new Pagination feature, and make the most of your enhanced view.

Enhanced view

Improved Trigger Function for PayPal Transactions

Additionally, we've updated our system to include PayPal transactions in the Payment Received trigger. This will empower businesses to fire off triggers for payments made via PayPal – no more limitations to specific payment methods for your trigger functions.

This update also gives you the ability to filter by success or failure, or even by the product that was purchased. Start utilizing improved workflows and create more dynamic responses for customer actions starting today.

More Accurate Search Results

Lastly, we've fixed an issue with the search option to guarantee precise results. You can now rest assured that your search efforts will yield the right results. With accuracy now improved, you can easily look up a subscription or a transaction using your Customer's name without encountering any discrepancies.

We constantly strive to create an enhanced user-experience to support your business needs. Stay updated by following our regular Product Updates.

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