Enhanced Google Organic Booking Integration Available Now

A New Way to Enhance Your Online Presence and Make Bookings Seamless

We’re excited to bring you the latest product update! We’ve now enabled Google Organic Booking for selected accounts. What does that mean for you? This integration now allows your clients to schedule appointments directly from Google Search. The best part? It all happens at no extra cost for you.

Why is this change important?

Enabling Google Organic Booking works wonders for your online presence and attracts more bookings, done organically directly from Google Search. This equates to less lead time on your side and a more direct, convenient experience for your clients. It’s a win-win!

What you should know

It’s vital to note that, for now, Google Organic Booking is only enabled for accounts with either one service menu or one group created in the calendars. However, if you’re with multiple service menus or groups, you can still benefit from this feature. Enable Google Organic Booking in your Calendar Settings and select the specific service menu/group/calendars to make it work.

Also, rest assured if your needs change, your flexibility isn’t compromised. You can turn off this feature anytime by navigating to Calendar Settings > Connections > Account Connections.

How it works


Here’s your quick guide on how to enable or disable this Google Organic Booking feature:

  1. Navigate to Calendar Settings > Connections tab > Account Connection.
  2. Toggle the Google Organic Booking option on or off according to your requirements.
  3. Please give it some time. Any changes you make typically take about 24 to 48 hours to reflect on your Google Business Profile.

Your customers and prospects are searching on Google every day. Let’s make sure your services are directly bookable from there. Update your settings, and let this Google integration work its magic!

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