Enhanced Handling of Zero Amount Invoices

Exciting New Product Update: Enhanced Handling of Zero Amount Invoices

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our invoicing system, specifically tailored to improve your experience with zero amount invoices. Below are the key updates:

Simplified Modal for Zero Amount Invoices

Screenshot showing invoice confirmation pop-up window.


Previously, issuing invoices with a zero amount was cumbersome, requiring unnecessary details such as email, contact information, and autopay settings. With these latest updates, we have introduced a streamlined modal that solely focuses on capturing essential payee information. This simplification aims to ease the process and save you valuable time while managing your invoices.

Re-enabled Record Payment Option

Screenshot displaying new invoice creation interface


There was a time when the record payment option for zero amount invoices was disabled. However, acknowledging the feedback from our users, we have reopened this capability. Now, when dealing with zero amount invoices, you can access a single “Record Payment Manual” option. This feature allows you to add notes or any other pertinent information, making it easier to manage and track such invoices.

Improved User Interface


Our team has worked diligently on enhancing the user interface to ensure that managing zero amount invoices is as seamless as possible. The new UI enhancements are intuitive and designed to provide a better overall user experience.

These updates reflect our commitment to continually improving our platform based on your feedback and evolving needs. We hope you find these enhancements valuable and beneficial for your invoicing processes.

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In case you missed it, check out our previous article on Exciting Enhancements for Sales Team Management. We are always striving to enhance your experience with our platform.

Thank you for being a valued user!

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