Enhanced Kajabi Course Features and Bug Fixes

Exciting Updates to Courses: Kajabi Enhancements and Fixes

We're excited to share the latest updates for our course management system. These improvements are designed to make the course import process simpler and more efficient, as well as to enhance your overall user experience through strategic bug fixes.

Email Domain Flexibility for Course Imports

Previously, users were required to create contacts using an email domain specific to the clientclub. Now, you have the flexibility to use any email address for creating contacts. This update simplifies the process and offers greater convenience.

To ensure compliance with intellectual property laws, we’ve introduced a consent form for the course import process. Users must now confirm that they own the intellectual property of the imported course. This step promotes responsible and legal use of course materials.

Key Bug Fixes and Improvements

We've addressed several user-reported issues to enhance your experience:

  • Integrated New Text Editor: We’ve replaced the tinyMCE editor with a new text editor for editing descriptions in offer checkout, in-app upsell, and on-click upsell. This will provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

  • File Extension Support for Lessons: Lessons now support all types of file extensions as attachments. This improvement allows for greater versatility in the types of materials you can include in your lessons.

  • Enhanced Video Download Functionality: Bugs that were affecting the video download functionality have been resolved. You’ll now experience smoother and more reliable video downloads.

  • Assessment Review Fixes: Issues related to deleted contacts and products within assessment reviews have been fixed, ensuring a more seamless review process.

These updates not only enhance usability but also ensure compliance with legal standards. For more details on how these updates might affect your workflow, feel free to Contact Us.

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