Enhanced Lead Capture in Live Chat

New Capture Feature: Harnessing the Power of Live Chat

Another exciting feature we're rolling out is aimed at maximizing the efficiency of your Live Chat tool. From now on, your live chat will be more than just a portal for client communication – it becomes a lead capturing tool.

Your Live Chat is Now a Lead Magnet

You're already using Live Chat as a powerful tool for direct communication with your clients. Now, we've taken it a step further. Our new release has given our Live Chat the capacity to capture valuable client information instantly. For instance, if a potential client includes their phone number (e.g., 9876543210) in their chat message, our system will immediately register that number in their contact profile.

A few things to note about this feature:

  • If your contact already has a recorded phone number, the system will not overwrite it with the number entered in the Live Chat message.
  • If another contact already has the reported phone number, the system will merge the Live Chat visitor data and the conversation with the existing contact.
  • This capture feature functions uniformly when it comes to emails too.

How to Utilize This Feature?

You don't have to do anything extra; the beauty of this feature is in its simplicity. The next time you're in a Live Chat, and your client sends their phone number or email as part of the conversation, our system will automatically scan the message and capture the relevant details.

This feature is all about enhancing the capabilities of our tools to help you capture, nurture and close leads more efficiently.

Ready to try it out? Hop onto your next Live Chat and experience this feature firsthand. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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