Enhanced Mini Map Features Now Available in Workflow Builder

New Product Update – Mini Map Enhancements

The mini map is an essential component of the Workflow Builder, providing users with an overview of their entire workflow. With this release, we've taken significant steps to enhance the mini map's capabilities and usability.

What's New?

Zoom Support

Now, users can zoom in and out directly within the mini-map, providing greater control and visibility of their workflow elements. This feature makes it easier to focus on specific parts of complex workflows without losing sight of the broader process.


Enjoy seamless navigation by dragging within the mini-map to explore different sections of the canvas viewport. This enhancement makes it effortless to move around and inspect various elements of your workflow quickly and efficiently.

UI Enhancements

We've revamped the UI of the mini-map, introducing visual differentiations to distinguish it from the canvas. These changes ensure a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making it easier for users to differentiate and navigate between different sections.

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