Enhanced Payment Recording Interface for Improved User Satisfaction

Enhanced Payment Recording Interface for Improved User Satisfaction

Important Update: We’ve conducted extensive redesigns and upgrades to optimize our core processes for recording internal payments. Now, we’ve migrated to the improved payment element, providing a seamless and consistent interface across all invoicing systems.

What This Means for You

  1. Higher Payment Capture Efficiency: We’ve eliminated the Address Verification Service (AVS) failures while recording payments. This significant upgrade bolsters customer experience, especially for users of authorize.net and NMI payment providers.
  2. Uniform User Interface: In a bid to ensure a more consistent and intuitive experience, we’ve standardized the user interface (UI) across the entire invoicing system. Whether you’re in the customer-facing page or on the invoicing dashboard, you’ll find that all interfaces now follow the same design principles.
  3. Wider Scalability & Minimized Bottlenecks: The application of the new payment element guarantees that the invoicing system will not encounter any scalability issues in the future. We’ve also ensured the system’s robust compatibility with various payment providers, removing any potential bottlenecks.

Invoice management software interface with payment processing form.

Uniform and intuitive invoicing interface – payment capture

Screenshot of an invoice management software interface.

Scalable and consistent invoicing system dashboard

More Efficient Customer Payments

This refactoring equips our system with a more versatile, consistent, and efficient payment capturing feature. We have incorporated billing fields on invoice live links along with internal record payment modals, thereby simplifying the payment capture process.

We believe that these latest updates will significantly contribute towards improving the customer experience on our platform, optimally efficient workflows, and overall platform usability. We invite you to explore these system upgrades and experience the improved efficiency firsthand.

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