Enhanced Payment Trigger Management Options

We’re excited to announce a recent update that magnifies the power of the payment received trigger. With the new changes, business users can now set the payment received trigger source on manual payments made through our platform whether they’re collected from the contacts page, form payments, calendar payments, or via funnel/website payments.

Enhanced Source Filters

As part of the improvements, we’ve added a sub-filter for online stores housed within the website. This feature allows you to have granular control over each source, aiding in better customer segmentation and refined marketing strategies.


Seamless Integration with Existing Triggers

You don’t have to worry about existing triggers, they will continue to work the same way. The new sources and filters can be added to any old or newly created trigger. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of the new updates while preserving the functionalities of your existing setup.

Detailed Payment Data

The update doesn’t stop at merely enhancing the filter and source options. The corresponding data about the payment will be available in every source. This ensures you have comprehensive insights whenever a user interacts with any of your payment triggers.


Through these enhancements, we aim at simplifying the management of different payment sources while providing robust data for holistic understanding. If you have any questions or need assistance in leveraging these new features, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Finally, stay tuned to our product updates for the latest announcements and improvements.

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SMBcrm logo with intertwined blue and green design.

Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

We have embraced a new identity as SMBcrm, reflecting our enhanced commitment to provided tailored CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.