Enhanced Product Update: Affiliate Campaign Creation Revamped

We’re thrilled to announce our latest product update which features significant enhancements to the way you create affiliate campaigns on your account. Gone are the days where the process felt cumbersome – now, you get to experience an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our aim? Smoother, efficient campaign creation from start to finish. So, let’s dive into the details!

What’s New?

We’ve introduced an array of improved features:

  • A Seamless Workflow: New updates will enhance your experience in creating affiliate campaigns by offering a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Product List Review: Now you can quickly review and manage products for more precision and relevance in your campaigns.
  • Flexible Commission Settings: Choose to set standard commissions for entire campaigns or configure product-based commissions based on your strategic needs.
  • Multilevel Commission System (Optional): Configure multi-tier commissions if needed. This system can incentivize affiliates at various levels, maximizing your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Direct Affiliate Assignment: You can now preview and assign affiliates directly during the campaign creation process eliminating the need for further steps.
  • Automated Settings: For added convenience, we’ve pre-filled additional settings based on your global preferences, thus reducing time and effort in setting up each campaign.

How It Works?

You can refer to the steps below:

  1. Click on “Add” on the Campaign page to start.
  2. Choose the campaign source where you’ve added your products.
  3. Configure source details for the campaign.
  4. Review and modify the list of products for commission eligibility.
  5. Default commissions can be set for the overall campaign or tailored on a per-product basis.
  6. You can enable multi-tier commissions and set appropriate commission rates. (Optional)
  7. Add a descriptive campaign title to attract affiliates. (Optional)
  8. Assign affiliates directly ensuring smooth integration within your existing network.
  9. Additional settings like email templates, cookie life, and payout terms can be adjusted as per your needs.
  10. Finally, you have the option to directly publish your campaign or save it as a draft for further fine-tuning.

Our provider also included a few images showcasing the new functionalities. You’ll find them below. Utilize them to help navigate the new features and roll out your campaigns effortlessly.
Images here

Why it Matters?

The latest update on affiliate campaign creation tools is aimed at empowering businesses to build comprehensive and profitable commission structures with ease. By providing streamlined workflows and augmented features, your affiliate marketing efforts will maximize like never before, driving significant growth.

What’s Next?

And this is just the beginning! We’re putting the pedal to the metal on our commitment to revamp our Affiliate Manager platform. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can anticipate:

  • Auto Payouts via PayPal: Say farewell to manual payments! We’re excited to introduce automated payouts using PayPal – making the payout process smooth sailing for you and your affiliates.
  • Direct Addition of Affiliates without a Purchase: We’re soon going to make it a breeze to scale up your affiliate network by enabling registries sans requiring them to make a purchase upfront.
  • Extended Source Options: Brace yourself for amplified flexibility in your affiliate campaigns! Soon, you’ll be permitted to utilize calendars, memberships, e-commerce platforms among many more, as sources within your campaigns.


In Case You Missed It: This development follows our previously exciting product update, where we introduced WhatsApp Web and mobile app notifications for new messages. Could make all the difference in your campaign success, check it out!