Enhanced Security & Management with Cloudflare

Extra Security and Easy Management are Here with Our Migration to CloudFlare (Custom Hostnames)

We’re excited to bring you an update that will enhance the safety and simplicity of managing your branded domains. This is all thanks to our new partnership with CloudFlare.

Standout Features and Benefits

There are several notable enhancements that this update brings to your table:

  • Improved security: We’ve integrated extra security features that help keep your data and your users’ information safe.
  • Easy DDoS attack prevention: With CloudFlare’s DDoS protections, you can be sure that your website is safeguarded against destructive digital attacks.
  • Automatic SSL certificate generation and renewal: No more worries about your SSL certificates; from now on, CloudFlare will auto-generate and renew them.

Ready to Switch? Here’s How

Transitioning to this new system is simple and straightforward.

For New Branded Domains

If you’re just getting started with a branded domain, here’s what to do:

  • Domain Connect: Your new domain will automatically be added with the domain connect flow.
  • Manual Addition: If you prefer doing things manually, you’ll need to add a new CNAME – brand.ludicrous.cloud.
For Existing Branded Domains

If you have an existing branded domain that you’d like to move over, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your location settings, then select “General Information.”
  2. Remove your branded domain and then save your settings.
  3. Re-add the same domain using either the domain connect flow or manual flow, then save your settings.

This move to CloudFlare brings with it a wealth of perks to help make your role as an account manager easier and more efficient.

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