Enhanced SEO Features Unveiled

Level Up Your SEO Game with New Feature Enhancements!

We have some exciting new updates to share that are designed to take your search engine optimization (SEO) to the next level. Maintaining your website’s SEO can be a demanding task, so we are introducing two powerful new features to help you optimize like a pro!

SEO Suggester: This intuitive feature provides actionable tips and insights to help you optimize your website’s content for better search results. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned SEO expert, this tool gives handy advice to ensure your site attracts more eye-balls.

HTML Language Selector: Greater accessibility and better search engine comprehension just got simpler with this feature. Easily set the correct language attribute for your funnel or website pages. This tweak not only improves visibility to a global audience but also aids in rendering page content effectively.

We’ve also worked on Meta Preview Enhancements to maximize the viewer experience. User can now see the domain and path URL of the page within the Meta preview, providing a clear snapshot of how your page shows up in search results.

Why Do These Features Matter?

Solid SEO strategies are important to enhance your site’s visibility, drive more quality web traffic, and reach the right audience effectively. The newly introduced “SEO Suggester” makes this endeavor achievable, even for those who are not well-versed in SEO.

How to Set the Language Attribute?

Setting the language attribute for your webpages has never been easier:

  1. Open your desired page in the builder.
  2. Navigate your way to SEO Meta Data Settings.
  3. Here, you’ll find a new “Language” option. Simply select your language code from the options. The default set language is “en” for English.

Now, you can start optimizing your website and watch as it steadily ascends the search engine rankings.

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