Enhanced Support for Apple Pay & Google Pay on Branded Domain Names

Enhanced Support for Apple Pay & Google Pay on Branded Domain Names

Exciting news for those using Apple Pay and Google Pay with our CRM platform – our recent release has seen a major enhancement to this feature. Now these payment options will seamlessly integrate with your branded domain names at the account level when utilizing Invoice, Text2Pay, and Payment Link functionalities.

Handling of Branded Domain Names

In our bid to constantly enhance user experience, we previously added support for branded domain names at the account level. However, we encountered a slight hiccup due to Stripe’s compliance requirements which required every domain name to be registered.

Mindful of this, we have made significant upgrades on our end. Now, our systems actively monitor all changes occurring on branded domain names and consequently, register them with Stripe automatically. It’s important to remember that this automatic registration feature works only when you’ve enabled the “Register domains for Apple Pay” toggle from the Stripe integration page.

invoice preview

Manual Resync Option for Greater Control

In addition to these automatic features, we understand that sometimes, you need more direct control. To cater to these cases we’ve introduced a new button on the Stripe integration page that allows you to manually resync the registered branded domain name with Stripe. This ensures an even smoother operation.

stripe integration

With these enhancements, we believe that your experience with our CRM platform will be even more seamless and efficient. As always, we are dedicated to providing you with the best in customer relationship management tools and will continue to roll out features that make your business processes better.

Improved CRM Experience with Apple Pay and Google Pay

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